Giving Challenge 2022: Let Us Help You * Rough & Ready Media

The goal is to inspire giving and engagement
with your organization and mission.

Available platforms: FB/IG/Twitter.

Social Media Packages

Basic Package
  • One (1) Channel 
  • Optimization of Social Media Channel for Giving Challenge
  • 12 Posts
    • Images/Info provided by the organization; we optimize for specific social channel 
    • Includes only pre-scheduled posts 
      • The organization is responsible for real-time posts

PRO Package
  • Two (2) Channels
  • Optimization of Social Media Channels for Giving Challenge
  • 24 Posts 
    • We create post content including all text, image design and GIFs
    • Will include scheduled and real-time posts
    • Will include two (2) pre-event posts

Social Media Consulting

Rough & Ready Media will train staff on the inner workings of social media. The training can range from basic to advanced, depending on your level of need, in order to gain the most value from your social media platforms. We will cover best posting practices, the value of each social network, how to run a campaign, general social media guidelines, tracking and more in a hands-on, one-on-one setting. Additional sessions can be scheduled for an additional fee.

Basic 1-½ hour Social Media Training (recommend for novice users

Advanced 1-½ hour Social Media Training 

Campaign Consulting

)Space is limited)

Rough & Ready Media will review your entire Giving Challenge campaign and offer suggestions on how to get the most results. With in-person events canceled, this year’s Giving Challenge will rely exclusively on your digital campaign so support from Rough & Ready, a digital marketing expert, is invaluable.

What this includes

  • How to highlight your organization’s unique mission and stories
  • Creative strategies for an impactful Giving Challenge during COVID-19
    • Maximize social media & digital communications
    • Develop virtual events
  • Best practices for creating action-driven content for your supporters

Package Price: Contact us for pricing.

À La Carte Items

Let Rough & Ready create a stunning, branded and targeted email blast to send to potential donors.

  • Requirements
    • Content provided by the client
    • Professionally designed to match the organization and its Giving Challenge campaign
    • The organization has MailChimp or Constant Contact account
    • The organization must have their own email list
  • Packages
    • One (1) blast: $300
    • Five (5) blasts: $1,400
    • Setting up MailChimp or Constant Contact account: $150
      • Free with five (5) blast purchase
    • Cleaning up MailChimp or Constant Contact account
      • Clean-up includes
        • Export all audiences — if requested, we can keep these originals and send to the client
        • Combine all into one spreadsheet
        • Eliminate duplicates
        • Keep or create a Master list
          • Upload the new file into the Master list
          • If requested, create and assign tags to individuals based on deleted audiences

Social Media

Why worry? Let Rough & Ready write and design professional posts for your campaign.

  • Includes
    • Professionally-written posts
    • Professionally-designed posts
    • Your organization to post/distribute content to their accounts

Press Release

Rough & Ready will professionally compose a press release for your organization to distribute: $300 each

Don’t have a list? Want us to distribute? Contact us for pricing.

Articles (Blog)

Professionally-written, relevant copy is essential to successful SEO campaigns because search engine providers want to deliver the best possible results to their users. For that reason, our copywriters are seasoned journalists who have extensive experience writing marketing copy, a potent combination in the SEO arena. 

We go beyond providing grammatically correct copy. Your content will also be compelling and written in Associated Press style, preferred by search engine providers — such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others — because journalistic writing is considered more credible. Your content will be rich with keywords, key phrases and answers to frequent questions about your industry, allowing for web crawlers from those search engines to interpret your content as extremely relevant.


  • 300-400 words on a topic of the client’s choosing
  • Meeting to discuss topics
  • All articles will be handcrafted specifically for your organization
  • Approval of the article before posting
  • Professional stock Image to accompany every article

Graphic Design

In today’s marketplace, image is everything. How your company looks to the outside world sets the tone for all of your interactions — with customers, partners, media and other key stakeholders. You cannot afford to present an unprofessional or inconsistent image in a competitive and crowded landscape.

Partnering with an experienced graphic design team ensures that your organizational image achieves maximum positive impact on your target audiences. You need a partner who understands how to create or revitalize an organization’s visual identity and extend those frameworks into creative, project-specific approaches.

Professionally Designed Posts

  • Includes
    • Info provided by the organization
    • Professional stock photography as needed during the design
    • Posts sized for Social Media
    • Your organization to post/distribute designs to their accounts

Professionally Animated Posts

  • Includes
    • Use of client-provided content
    • Professional stock photography as needed during the design
    • Post sized for Social Media
    • GIF or MP4 format
    • Your organization to post/distribute designs to their accounts

Social Media Design Basics

Rough & Ready Media will provide an overall consistent look and feel throughout all your social media pages.


  • Banner images for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Profile Image for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Images will have the same color palette, similar messaging and set your organization apart with a unique design.

General Design

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