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Social Media Management

The social media landscape is constantly changing, leaving you with two options: You can get bogged down keeping up, continually adjusting your social media footing, or leave it to the experts and free yourself to concentrate on other things.

Rough & Ready Media can analyze your current social media presence and develop a strategic plan to capitalize on that presence and grow it to benefit your business, nonprofit, campaign, or cause.

We can optimize or create your social media position across multiple platforms from scratch.

Our Services Include:

  • Monitoring and optimizing multiple accounts on all social media platforms where you want a presence, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Good Reads, and Google Business.
  • Responding to and interacting with Fans/Followers/Other Pages
  • Keeping account information current
  • Using targeted social media posts to build an audience with Hashtags, Linkouts, Tags, and Shares
  • Conducting specific campaigns to engage an audience through content creation and curation
  • Promoting posts, shared content from third parties, and original valuable content (events, specials, product info, store/artist highlights, why shop local, reviews, etc.)
  • Monthly analysis and review of Social Media activity
  • Continuous Facebook and Twitter surveillance
  • Social media and AdWords advertising campaigns, including research, content, launch, optimization, and tracking
  • Monthly virtual meetings with the Rough & Ready Media staff overseeing your social media management
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