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Lighthouse logo


Lighthouse of Manasota, a nonprofit organization that provides no-cost rehabilitation training and education to the blind and visually impaired in the region, has announced its new name and unveiled its new logo. The organization will now be known as Lighthouse Vision Loss Education Center.

Lighthouse has served the community for nearly 34 years. In recent years, stakeholder feedback indicated that the organization was not telling its story well enough.

Additionally, its name no longer accurately represented its geographic region—which has grown to encompass five counties—and its logo appeared outdated. Wordslinger Marketing & PR spearheaded the rebranding and Rough & Ready Media designed the new logo.

The new logo uses a font that is more friendly to the visually impaired, incorporates Braille letters and was designed using two shades of blue, a color that studies indicate is representative of hope.

The organization also has a new tagline: “Hope and Empowerment for the Visually Impaired.”

Source: SRQ Magazine

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