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A custom website can offer the advantages and opportunities of online to in-person and hybrid events.

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to prove that events don’t have to be in person.

Like most technology, however, the ability to hold online-only or online-and-in-person events with a professional polish has been slower to reach the people who organize smaller seminars, fund-raisers and other meetings.

The technology has arrived, if you know where to look for it.

Fortunately, the same companies — including, of course, Rough & Ready Media — that handle your website can build a custom site that opens your event to the whole wide world of participants, donors and sponsors. It can let everyone interested, wherever they are, know your event is coming, build enthusiasm for it and usher people into meetings in a convention center or an online experience with video and audio quality as good as being there.

Want to solicit questions for a Q&A session? You got it. Want to offer online registrations, payments and check-ins to avoid lines at the venue? No problem. Need to offer workshops, surveys, password access to some pages, downloadable documents, Continuing Education Units and video presentations by sponsors? Sure thing.

Analytics using data captured by registrations and clicks will tell you the location, age, interests, and what pages, workshops and activities were viewed the most and give you the email addresses so important to keeping people engaged and informed. This information will improve the effectiveness of our marketing campaign and can be used to show your sponsors how much exposure they received from the event.

And the site you’ve invested in can be updated and used again and again for serial events, whether they be held monthly, annually or quadrennially. So, as a bonus, the value of the site can build beyond the initial investment, being built so your staff can handle most changes and updates needed in the future.

Contact us to learn more about how Rough & Ready can build a custom website for your seminar, expo, convention or other event.

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