The Future of Hyperlocal Marketing

Effective marketing is all about reaching customers, about putting your brand or product in front of them as often as possible but particularly when they’re in a purchase-making mode.

Common sense says there’s no better time to grab a potential customer’s attention than when they’re nearby and already spending money with other merchants — maybe your competitors. And there’s a way to reach these potential customers, even if they’re standing in that competitor’s location. What’s more, these customers willingly look at your ad as part of their routine habit of phone gazing.

Introducing Beacon Marketing, a technology that allows you to reach potential customers where they are and offer them incentives to visit your business.

How it Works

The beacon is a small device that transmits your banner ad to any device within 300 feet, as long as the device has its Bluetooth enabled. Our beacons turn smartphones and tablets into marketing platforms that engage customers with notifications sent to their mobile devices at the critical moment they approach a location, at certain points during their visit and just after they’ve left. These ads can, in a personalized way, let potential customers know about special promotions, discounts or new products available in the store where the beacons have been placed.

Our beacons provide business owners a chance to engage potential customers in a way that’s not pushy and makes the customer feel special. The experience makes the visit to your business a memorable one, and, in marketing, being remembered in a positive light is always a good thing, especially when you’re building loyalty.

What’s more, this technology is two way, meaning potential customers not only get your message, they can respond. This is critical because there can be no budding business-to-consumer relationship without that first contact.

These are powerful tactics that have been proven to drive foot traffic to retail stores and increase the conversion rates and sales volume of those stores.

Our beacons take a three-pronged approach to marketing, engagement and then tracking your return on investment.

Detect the customer on their smartphone at the critical moment they enter the establishment. Detect them at all of the organization’s locations.

Drive loyalty and incremental revenue with proximity-based coupons and engagements that are timely and relevant

Location Analytics
Gain valuable insight into customer visits, walk-bys and dwell time. Target customers and optimize operations based on these insights.content


A few of the many uses for our Bluetooth beacons include:

  • Location-based campaigns
    This allows you to send out notifications to inform customers of important events for your business.
  • Data collection
    By interacting with smartphones and tablets within their range, Beacons can help retailers track users behaviors and collect relevant data about users preferences and actions. This data is a powerful source of information for retailers because they can use it to re-target customers with even more personalized campaigns.


Tracking Your Return on Investment

No campaign is complete without an understanding of what worked and how well it worked. This allows our clients to fine tune their efforts to bring the greatest ROI possible.

We do this with:

Measures active engagement from codes and tags and passive engagement from beacons

Conversion more valuable than a scan. A tap of a CoverCard is a clear measurement of customer interest.

Reports in the dashboard include charts that can be adjusted by day, week, month, quarter or year.


QR Codes

As part of our marketing efforts, we also use QR codes to make the connection between the real world, where your customers live, and the virtual one, where you want them to go to buy your product. A QR code is a hyperlink that — once scanned with either an app or with newer phones and phone updates that automatically scan such links — takes the person scanning to online information about a product, brand or business. QR codes allow advertisements, brochures, posters, clothing, billboards or even temporary tattoos to direct users to mobile landing pages that contain much more information and interactivity than can be put on a printed page. This integration between print and web adds a new dimensions of communication to any marketing or outreach effort.

With the most recent iOS update all Apple iPhone cameras can read QR codes eliminating the need for a special app. This technology opens the door for new and inventive marketing methods. For example, by placing a QR code in your window, you are offering everyone who passes an opportunity to learn about your business, see your services or menu, prices, specials — even when your business is not open.

How it works

  1. Choose what you would like to promote.
  2. Add a QR Code. Note: You can alternatively add an NFC Tag or Physical Web Beacon, which work similarly. These are physical-to-mobile connectors.
  3. Add any link. With our platform, we can create almost any digital experience you can images: business chat, product info, video, audio, social, etc. We can even make modifications as your needs change.

Link Options

Email Address
Google maps
Website URL
Social Media

Vcard Profile
Simple Vcard
Rich Text
YouTube Video

Phone Number
App Store Links
Simple Text
Bitcoin Address

Calendar Event


What you Get With a Beacon Package

    • Three beacons — Each beacon can have its own message that displays on any device within 100 yards (that has its Bluetooth enabled).
    • Ten QR codes that you create or that we will create for you
    • Unlimited messaging
    • Requirements per message:
      • 85 characters including link
      • Headline — Something catchy to get people’s attention
      • Link — Link to whatever you want, see list below
      • Photo
    • Data analysis of your ROI
    • Custom designed QR codes
  • Scanning analytics and tracking of your visitors

Note: Library content you create is stored and organized in your account library for ongoing use. We will keep track of your successful campaigns.